Wheel of Rizk

Rizk casino gives you the chance to ‘spin the wheel of Rizk’. This can earn you outstanding jackpots, rewards and prizes. It is a creative bonus that is designed to make you a winner and add thrills and good fortune to your Rizk Casino experience. So, go on grab your superhero cape and join Captain Rizk in the search for exciting prizes and bonuses.

Spin it to Win it at Rizk Casino

Start your ‘spin the wheel’ adventure by signing up. On the game screen, you will see a power bar that fills up with every game that you play and once the bar is filled the wheel of Rizk is activated. The more games you play the faster the power bar fills up. It will also level you up, once it is full to give you a chance to access jackpots and super wheels that are available at level 10.

Extra Wheels at Rizk

And because Rizk Casino wants to reward you, they toss in an extra spin of the super wheels at level 5. If you are a regular player, you can enjoy the extra wheel offered as a reward on your first level up of the day, this extra bonus can be claimed on the following day.

Rewards to Win

All the rewards available on the Wheel of Rizk are written on it, all you need to do is land on them. The jackpot can earn you a fortune, and the Rizk golden coins give you a decent win. The double spin chip, on the other hand, lets you level up twice as fast and doubles your spins within a set time. Finally, the coloured casino chips can get you a few free spins and good mega spins.