Betting Bonuses

The world of online casino gambling is a billion dollar industry with a lot of companies fighting for a chunk of this large pie. The competition between these online casinos is fierce and only those companies that are dynamic and creative will survive. The battle for creativity is often seen in the types of betting bonuses that online casinos offer to attract new players and retain their veteran players. These bonuses are popularly referred to as free bets. These bonuses take different forms which include cash match ups, gifts, codes and free trips among many others. These bonuses always come with strings attached; these strings normally take the form of terms and conditions attached to every bonus and promotion. There are both advantages and disadvantages when it comes to betting bonuses and it’s important for players to be aware of them before they begin their journey into the murky realm of online casino gambling.

Different Betting Bonuses

There are numerous types of betting bonuses that are used to attract and retain players and the number is sure to increase with the continued growth of the online gambling industry. Some of the most popular betting bonuses include unique promotions; cash back incentives and rebates, sign up bonuses, no deposit bonuses, tournaments, free spins and initial deposit bonuses among many others, then you also have the online casino bonuses to claim. For you to fully enjoy your casino experience it is important that you research and understand what each of these betting bonuses entails. This will help you take advantage of each of them and apply them across the board from online slots too live sports betting. One type of betting bonus that is quickly gaining popularity in sports betting is the risk-free bet. The risk-free bet can take various forms, the most popular forms in sports betting include insurance bonus beets in case your wager loses, price boosts which are a form of enhanced odds, refunds and imaginative specials that are reserved for popular sporting events such as football. The free bet type of betting bonuses offers great values to players because no matter what the outcome you are guaranteed that you will at least get to keep part of the wager you staked. The portion of the wager that you receive back is normally in the form of cash or a bonus bet.

Advantages of Betting Bonuses

It is an undisputed fact that all betting bonuses look very attractive at first glance but to really get their true value you must ensure that you dig deeper. These bonuses contain both advantages and disadvantage and it is important to balance each before you decide on what is best for you. A major advantage of betting bonuses is that it offers players the chance of test driving bookmaker and online casinos with limited risk to their bankroll. They also get the chance to try out the latest gaming strategies at online slot machines while incurring minimum to zero loses. The major disadvantage with betting bonuses is the stringent terms and conditions that are attached to them. The most notable condition is the very high wagering requirements that could see a player digging back into their bankroll in order to claim their winnings. Wagering requirements simply state that a player must place a certain number of bets at the same online casino or sports book before they can withdraw any bonus funds they may be entitled to. The number of times a player is expected to bet varies from one online casino to another but the most popular number is 50 times. Some free bets will often require that the player should place an equivalent stake as the bookmaker beforehand.

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Are Betting Bonuses Good?

The hunt for new clientele in the rapidly growing online casino and sportsbook industry has led to an increase in the betting bonuses offers that are available. Does the increase in betting bonuses really translate into value addition for the players? This is a very pertinent question to consider. From a glance, the answer would be yes, because if you thee casinos want to truly attract and maintain quality players they must offer bonuses that are more than just eye candy. The free bets, for example, offer players great value because they get to retain a portion of their wager even if they end up losing. This sort of guarantee will definitely ensure that online casinos and sportsbooks will attract and maintain hordes of players.

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