Pokerstar Casino Campaigns

Pokerstar is a forward-looking Casino that is duly registered under the Isle of Man and hence, you can be sure of legit gaming bonuses. Since its inception, the Casino has continued to entice its clients with a wide range of bonuses.

These offers include MicroMillions, Initial deposit bonus, FlagHunt and Spin & Goal to mention just a few.

How Micromillions Offer Works

Micromillions, as the name suggests is an impressive offer that can win you millions if you are passionate about Poker variants. Basically, this is a Poker tourney that constitutes a total of 121 events.

Its bonuses are activated via special tickets referred to as buy-ins. They cost as little as £0.11, thus making them affordable for all types of players. The bonuses also come in form of random free tickets which could be worth over £50,000.

All you need is deposit money in your account and accumulate special points which activates the ‘chest’ reward scheme. During this feature you have a total of 32 flags that represents each country that participated in the 2018 Russia World Cup.

You are given one flag and then allowed to choose three others to fill in the Chest grid. This will yield bonuses with regards to the flags paytable.

Pokerstar Bonuses In Summary

If you are looking for an ideal Poker home to settle, welcome to Pokerstar. Players enjoy lucrative Poker tourneys and a collection of other diverse bonuses. There are no special codes attached to such bonuses. With mobile-optimised features, this is probably one of the best Poker sites that affords you timeless gaming.